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Monkey Mind Games is a collaboration between video game and board game designers

Lisa Smedman and Maurice Grela, based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Lisa Smedman

Lisa Smedman has designed dozens of tabletop roleplaying scenarios and rules supplements for the Dungeons & Dragons (Ravenloft and Dark Sun worlds), Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Cyberpunk 2020 and Deadlands games. She is also a board game designer, with a card game coming out soon from a major tabletop publisher.

Lisa is also the author of 23 published novels (and numerous short stories) spanning a variety of genres: science fiction, fantasy, mystery, magic realism, alternate history, and young adult. Her books include 15 gaming tie-in novels for a range of intellectual properties, including the AD&D Forgotten Realms, Shadowrun, and smaller tabletop RPGs.


When not writing or designing games, Lisa teaches video game design at LaSalle College Vancouver, specializing in interactive storytelling. Before that, she was a journalist for many years


Lisa's website

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Maurice Grela

An ambitious game designer, Maurice has been working in the games industry for the past six years. With dozens of game jams, two 4 star mods, and shipped titles focusing on medical research, mini games, and social mobile games, Maurice is an adept game designer. He excels at rapid-prototyping, project management, and post-launch support.

Moe's website

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