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Quest for Home is a single-player, interactive story card game, created for the "Choose Your Own Way 3" game jam of The Papercut Arcade.


It is also a video game, built using the Twine engine.

Check out the digital version of Quest for Home.

Quest for Home: 30,000 BC is a single-player, narrative card game about a clan of Neanderthals searching for a new cave to live in. Your eight-person clan will trek through hazardous terrain, encountering events along the way, while foraging for food, crafting, and entertaining each other to keep spirits up. No two journeys are ever the same.

You begin the journey with a clan of eight people - a mix of adults, youth, elders and toddlers who each contribute dice to the clan's dice pool. Each turn, you decide how far to journey. You can camp in place to rest and remove weariness, or move more quickly through a landscape of forest, meadows, rivers and other types of terrain. Be careful of moving too quickly, however, or members of your clan will become weary.

Each time you draw a Terrain card, you also draw an Event card. Depending on the cards, your clan might have to deal with anything from a sudden blizzard to an encounter with stragglers from another clan.

On each day of your journey, you choose whether to craft clothing and shelter to keep out the cold, to entertain the clan to keep morale up, or to forage for food and medicinal plants. You can only perform two of these activities, so choose wisely - whichever activity you don't choose will cause members of your clan to become hungry, sad or cold. At the end of the day, you check to see if any of your clan become sick - or if they die from illness.

When your clan finally reaches the cave, the game is scored based on how many of your clan survived, and whether they are sick, injured, or suffering from a condition.

The game includes 13 clan cards, 18 terrain cards, 24 event cards, tokens and dice.

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