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Valhalla's Gate

Tabletop Miniatures Rules

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From his throne in Asgard, the god Odin looked down upon Midgard, Alfheim and Nidavellir, the lands where humans, alfs and dvergar dwell. Many were the battles fought in these lands, and great were the feats of bravery and skill, but who among the mortal warriors should Odin send his Valkyries to claim? Only one more warband could be admitted to Valhalla, the great hall of warriors, before the doors were forever closed...

Valhalla's Gate pits warbands of eight or nine humans, elves or dwarves against each other in a race for the rune stone that will admit them to Valhalla. Designed for 25mm or 28mm miniatures, it features an easy-to-learn rules system that offers the option of either a one-night game or a full-on campaign, complete with character advancement.


The rules system includes shape-shifter characters, 25 different runic spells that add magic to the combat, a fast-paced, card-based initiative system, stats for 12 monsters drawn from Norse mythology, rules for inclement weather, and 25 different scenarios.

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