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Great games from restless minds


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A conversion kit that turns the classic game of Monopoly into a co-operative game of tearing down luxury condos and building tiny homes for the people.

For 1-4 players.

Play time approximately 45 minutes.


Print the conversion kit yourself for free!

Valhalla's Gate

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A tabletop miniatures game of runic magic and combat, set in the world of the Vikings.

For 2+ players.

Play time approximately 1/2 hour per player.

Rules for sale from

True Crime

True Crime thumbnail.png

A murder mystery supplement for the FATE Core RPG system. Play as detectives solving crimes in a film noir setting.

For 2+ players.

Rules for sale from

Quest for Home

3D Box art.png

A single-player survival card game. Your Neanderthal clan has been forced from their home by glaciation and the arrival of strange looking people who threaten you. And so you begin a trek to find a new home. How many of your clan will survive?

Three Strikes, You're Out


A scenario for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu game. Play as Black characters taking a horror-filled road trip in 1950s America.

Scenario for sale through the Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG.

School of Nekros


An adventure, based in a school for necromancers, for the D&D 5th Edition roleplaying game. Also included are new rules for necromancer wizards, new spells and magic items, wards to protect spellbooks, and 16 detailed NPCs who could also be used as PC characters.

For sale through the Dungeon Masters Guild online store.

Dragons of Gloom

Gloom cover thumbnail.png

A D&D 5e Dragonlance adventure that features new NPCs, three new wizard spells, three new monsters, and an encounter with a shadow dragon that players will talk about long after the adventure is over!


For sale through the Dungeon Masters Guild online store.

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