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A conversion kit that turns the classic game of Monopoly into a co-operative game of tearing down luxury condos and building tiny homes for the people.

For 1-4 players.

Play time approximately 45 minutes.


Print the conversion kit yourself for free!

Valhalla's Gate

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A tabletop miniatures game of runic magic and combat, set in the world of the Vikings.

For 2+ players.

Play time approximately 1/2 hour per player.

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True Crime

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A murder mystery supplement for the FATE Core RPG system. Play as detectives solving crimes in a film noir setting.

For 2+ players.

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Quest for Home

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A single-player survival card game. Your Neanderthal clan has been forced from their home by glaciation and the arrival of strange looking people who threaten you. And so you begin a trek to find a new home. How many of your clan will survive?

Three Strikes, You're Out


A scenario for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu game. Play as Black characters taking a horror-filled road trip in 1950s America.

Scenario for sale through the Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG.